Snowball Skate and Other Stories DVD

This Sarah and Duck DVD contains ten quirky episodes from the third series! Here you’ll visit an ice rink inside a giant snowball, meet a passing Comet at the observatory and watch the Ribbon Sisters perform with their family circus! This DVD includes the following episodes:

Snowball Skate
Mountain Mints
Comet’s Coming
Perimeter Pals
Hedge Opera
Boo Night
Park Trimming
Cinema Scoot
Ribbon Alvida

Sarah is a seven-year-old girl with big eyes and a green hat, who lives with her quacky, flappy best friend, Duck. Together, they embark on lots of simple but exciting adventures, full of imagination and humour.

This Sarah & Duck DVD set contains THIRTY episodes on three discs and will delight all fans of the CBeebies television series!